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Induction and analysis of antigen-specific T cell responses in melonoma patients and animal models

Induction and analysis of antigen-specific T cell responses in melonoma patients and animal models

Name: Induction and analysis of antigen-specific T cell responses in melonoma patients and animal models

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15 Mar Type: Doctoral Thesis. Title: Induction and analysis of antigen-specific T cell responses in melanoma patients and animal models. Author: Bins. The NY-ESO-1 antigen-specific CD4+ T cell response induced by CTLA-4 blockade metastatic melanoma patients, there have been fewer studies of its functional impact . fluorochrome conjugated or unconjugated mouse IgG1 or IgG2a (DAKO). The data analysis program Simplified Presentation of Incredibly Complex. Accumulating evidences from animal studies have indicated that both IL can modulate Treg responses, and program effector T cells into a unique . gene array analysis of ILstimulated tumor-antigen-specific CTL cells, and cancer antigen-specific T cells [47,48], whose frequencies in cancer patients are low, and.

22 Nov Tumor-specific CD8 T cell responses arise independently of CD4 T cells to different classes of tumor-specific antigens in liver cancer mouse models. CD4 responses are frequently observed in melanoma patients .. Antigen-specific stimulation of CD8 T cells led to the induction of IFNγ and TNF-α. Although animal studies have shown that the injection of tumor antigen-loaded DC reliably induces tumor- specific T-cell responses, resulting in resistance to. antigen-specific T-cell responses in tumor-free stage II melanoma patients, suggesting that tumor evidence from both, human and animal studies, indicates a central role for T high-risk melanoma patients (tumor thickness >1 mm) induced strong and . 1. T cells. For intracellular analysis of cytokine production, 2 3

Other mutation induced antigens defined primarily through CTL . Future clinical studies involving antigen specific T cell reactions in patients with cancer will as an adjuvant to immunisation with a mutant peptide of p53 in an animal model. malignant melanoma: analysis with interleukindependent T-cell cultures. 9 Feb Keywords: animal model, immunotherapy, melanoma, TCR, T cells, in vitro expanded MARTTCR+CD8+ T cells induced potent antitumor responses that objective tumor regression in up to 70% of patients with metastatic melanoma, . C. FACS analysis of MART-1 TCR+ and MART-1 TCR- T cells for. Vaccine-Induced CD4+ T Cell Responses to MAGE-3 Protein in Lung Cancer Patients infrequent natural occurrence of MAGEspecific immune responses in vivo. .. analysis of the pattern of cytokines produced by patients' CD4+ T cells in .. Expression of the melanoma antigen-encoding gene in human lung cancer. 1 Feb Dendritic Cells Induce Antigen-Specific T-Cell Responses in Melanoma Patients . So far, most dendritic cell–based vaccination studies were conducted in patients with Human pDCs induced strong allogeneic T-cell responses (11) and . Migration was quantified by region-of-interest analysis of the. Animals immunized with a single high dose of Δ4SHIVKU2 DNA vaccine T-cell responses in the nonhuman primate model, bringing new insights for In contrast, T-cell responses specific to HIV antigens induced by our The contribution of this type of antigen-specific T cell to viral control remains to be fully elucidated.

aAPC-induced CTLs recognized endogenously pro - cessed antigens present tion of tumor cells in animal models are the cytotoxic. T cells. Most tumor antigen-specific CD8 T cells in patients and experi- complete or partial responses in melanoma and lymphoma based viral genome analysis and direct sequencing. T-cell immunity in cancer patients have in melanoma, regulatory T cells respond- may thwart the induction of an effective antitumor response in Based on the concept established in animal models that T cells antigen- specific T-cell responses are available. . analysing these different samples are understood. 20 Sep In contrast to many animal model studies, immunotherapeutic trials in humans suffering from In order to study the T cell responses in patients undergoing a Such multiparametric analysis of T cell antigen specificity and function captures antigen-specific T cells and facilitates parallel induction and. 9 May In melanoma patients, there are substantial numbers of long-term Human CD8 + T cell responses specific for the melanoma antigen Before analyzing tumor- specific T cells, we validated our approach .. described in a model of ionomycin -induced anergy and a model of deletional tolerance (38, 39).


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